Using RabbitMQ with Nodejs and Typescript

April, 2023
RabbitMQ, Nodejs, Typescript
Using RabbitMQ with Nodejs and Typescript


Communication between services using rabbitmq

Tools & Technologies

RabbitMQ, Typescript, Node.js

Article Summary

Node.js and RabbitMQ are two powerful technologies that can be used together to build scalable and reliable applications. as Node.js is known for it’s non-blocking I/O and RabbitMQ is a messaging broker that allows applications to communicate with each other asynchronously. By combining the strengths of these two technologies, you can build applications that are responsive, fault-tolerant, and can easily handle large volumes of traffic.

I posted that article on with full example of how to set up producer and consumer apps and send some notifications from one to another provided by full code snippets and examples. You can click on the link below to view the full article, or visit the github repo of this example.

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